Sauna Benefits



Using the sauna to raise body temperature provides numerous health benefits. Regular sauna, along with good exercise and wholesome food, is one of the primary components of maintaining good health and preventing disease. In fact, sauna therapy is one of the most important prophylactic measures one can take to stop acute and chronic conditions before they start-including heart diseases and cancers. In the early stages before both cancer and heart disease take root, sauna therapy can actually repair the damages done to the body.

Sauna Therapy


Sauna therapy is also the most efficient way to eliminate toxins and metals from the body. Pesticides, petroleum-based and organic chemicals, drugs, toxins of all kinds are eliminated through sweat produced in the sauna. Research shows that fifteen minutes of sauna, through sweat, eliminates the same amount of heavy metal that would take the kidneys 24 hours to excrete. Mercury loss by sweating may be even more substantial.

For some people, sauna bathing is a relaxing pastime. For others, ritual sweating means communing with the divine. For still others, having the regular use of a sauna is a life-saving necessity. Regardless of your reasons for using the sauna, it will be helpful to understand the mechanics of perspiring and why we sweat.



The act of perspiration performs several important functions. It is a means by which the body removes excess water. It helps the body rid itself of excess heat. And it is one of the main ways in which the body removes waste material.

It is obvious that sweating gets rid of body heat and water, but many people ordinarily don’t regard waste removal as a major function of sweating. However, elimination through the skin is intricately tied to the functions of the lymph and circulatory systems, the respiratory and urinary tracts, and the liver. Understanding the liquid waste management processes of the body-as well as how various fluids (blood plasma, lymphatic fluid, and urine) travel throughout the system-will help us appreciate how sweating directly lessens the body’s overall elimination burden. If the skin discharges even a small part of the liquid waste through sweating, other bodily systems are spared a considerable amount of the work involved in sorting, processing and eliminating waste. Sauna is an important tool to accomplish this goal of reducing the load on the body’s systems.