What Is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF Therapy stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and is a tune-up for our cells, 

helping reduce the risk of cell dysfunction.  Disruption of electromagnetic energy in cells causes 

impaired cell metabolism.  PEMF is used to improve circulation and cell metabolism.  PEMF 

works by improving cellular function and health at the molecular level.  PEMF improves health 

by addressing impaired chemistry and cells.  Science has proven that our bodies produce their 

own magnetic fields. Everything works within the body by electromagnetic exchange.  

Disruption of electromagnetic energy in cells can cause impaired cell metabolism.

What Is PEMF Doing?

PEMF delivers beneficial, health-enhancing frequencies to the cells.  PEMF penetrates every 

cell, tissue, organ and even bones to stimulate electrical and chemical processes in the tissues.  

PEMF is designed to positively support cellular energy, which results in better cellular health 

and function.